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Boulder Dash® 30th Anniversary™ Now Available Exclusively on the App Store

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Boulder Dash® 30th Anniversary™ Now Available Exclusively on the App Store

For Immediate Release


Get Spooky with over 40 Halloween-themed levels, featuring
bats, ghosts, demons and creepy new challenges

SAN FRANCISCO, OCTOBER 14, 2014 - Dig your way through more than 200 levels in a special 30th Anniversary sequel to the legendary best selling action puzzler, Boulder Dash®. Now available on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, Boulder Dash – 30th Anniversary is free to download and play with additional power-ups, treasure chests, characters, currency and worlds available for In-App Purchase.

Boulder Dash-30th Anniversary reunites the two original creators of the classic hit – TapStar co-founder Chris Gray and Peter Liepa – for the first time since the iconic Rockford™ character was first introduced in 1984. Co-publisher First Star Software, Inc. and developers Katsu Entertainment and SoMa Play also contributed to the game’s design and development.

When the game begins, you play as the protagonist, Rockford, facing a slew of new and exciting challenges as you dig through spectacular caves with 3D elements. Avoid falling boulders, discover treasure chests and potent power-ups, collect valuable gems and avoid nefarious enemies along the way as you search for the exit before time runs out.

“There are a lot of challenges that come with putting a modern twist on a classic game,” said Chris Gray, founder and CEO of TapStar Interactive. “We want to respect our die hard fans by giving them the classic strategy, action and puzzles that they love – and still utilize all the great new technology that appeals to younger generations that have never played Boulder Dash before.”

In order to retain the flavor and feel of the original, the game was designed in 2.5 D – not at all common for this style of game. “We stayed true to the classic 2D style gameplay of Boulder Dash, but utilized the Unity engine to make it look like a modern 3D game. Core gamers will appreciate that the game plays like Boulder Dash, but it doesn’t look like Boulder Dash,” added Gray.

Richard M. Spitalny, First Star Software’s co-founder and president noted: “From the outset, after Chris first approached First Star Software about working with Peter Liepa to create a 30th anniversary Boulder Dash sequel, we’ve all worked hard to create a new and exciting look and experience while being sure to provide a true, classic Boulder Dash experience.”

“The grid-like look of the original has been replaced with organic looking caves; and, we’ve introduced ramps for the very first time. Ramps have provided some wonderful design possibilities while utilizing the traditional Boulder Dash physics,” he added.

Features Include:

  • Loads of Content – 220 levels and 11 worlds to start!
    • Never-before-seen worlds and creatures designed with 3D elements and animations
    • Two Halloween-themed worlds with a combined 40 levels, featuring bats, ghosts, demons and more spooky surprises!
  • Designed in 2.5D – A distinct visual style that is played in 2 dimensions but looks 3-dimensional
  • Free to play – A generous amount of gameplay (160 levels) available for free. Fans of the franchise will appreciate more than 60 new levels that are available for purchase, including re-mastered versions of the original 1984 caves.
  • Accessible – Appeals to moderate gamers (age 10+), as well as core gamers who will find it challenging to achieve 3 stars on all levels.
  • Two Gameplay Control options – Screen Swipe or Virtual D-pad
  • Exceptional Replay-ability – Advanced physics and dynamically changing levels allow for endless playability
  • Beautiful 3D graphics and animations – Built with the Unity Engine
  • New gem combos, treasure chests, rare collectibles and valuable power-ups!
  • GameCenter integration
  • Cave packs, featuring exclusive worlds and characters, available for in-app-purchase
  • Nine playable characters including classics like Rockford™ and Crystal™
  • First Boulder Dash game ever to include diagonal walls and movement

Boulder Dash – 30th Anniversary is available for free on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch or at

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Boulder Dash® is a registered trademark of FIRST STAR SOFTWARE, INC. Boulder Dash®-30 Anniversary™, the names and likenesses of Rockford™ and Crystal™ are trademarks of FIRST STAR SOFTWARE, INC. Boulder Dash®-30 Anniversary™ Copyright © 1984-2014 FIRST STAR SOFTWARE, INC. All rights reserved. The original Boulder Dash was created by Peter Liepa with Chris Gray. Boulder Dash®-30th Anniversary™ is created and developed by TapStar Interactive with FIRST STAR SOFTWARE, INC. Trademarks are property of their respective owners.

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