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RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! (Development in Progress)

Run, gun, blast and slice your way through vicious Zombliens as you race through a deadly under-city world!

It’s an action-packed, innovative and splatter-filled take on running games!  Grab a rocket launcher and a lawnmower, and get ready to race through the most intensely violent running game ever!

Coming to iOS and Android in 2015!

Major Features

  • 30+ Zomblien infested levels set in 5 unique worlds – all in awesome 3D graphics
  • Innovative “free form” controls – no more running on rails!
  • Hundreds of paths to explore, hours of gameplay
  • 15 upgradeable weapons, including lawn mowers, circular saws and molotov cocktails
  • Comically explosive gore and effects
  • 8+ unlockable characters, 100 cool collectable cards
  • Leaderboards, weekly events and achievements
  • Free-to-play with in-game purchases, including level packs, weapons and playable characters